Top Wedding Trends for Luxe Brides: What’s Coming in the Next 18 Months?

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Top Wedding Trends for Luxe Brides: What’s Coming in the Next 18 Months?

Couples in the throws of wedding planning know that delicate balance between planning a classic, heirloom-worthy wedding and incorporating the freshest trends to make it feel relevant and personal. Most of my couples are “trend-aware” rather than trendy, and I love to see how they keep it fresh and classy.

What’s on the horizon for the upcoming year and a half? Here are the top trends forecast, inspired by pop culture, fashion, and the global scene, that I predict will be all the rage:

1. Destination Weddings in Southeast Asia

There are certain TV shows that have both a cult following and have significant impact on travel and entertainment trends—Western Luxe weddings took the nation by storm after Yellowstone’s rise to popularity, Italy has always been a huge wedding destination, but it grew in popularity after White Lotus, and we saw a huge increase in “grandmillennial” wedding decor after Bridgerton’s debut.

Season 3 of the White Lotus (popular for its stunning locals and biting social commentary) is rumored to be set against the mesmerizing backdrop of Maldives or Thailand, and there’s been an unmistakable buzz in the wedding industry about this exotic region of the world. I’m predicting that Southeast Asia will be the next big area for destination weddings.

Planning Tip: Make sure to hire a wedding planner familiar with the intricacies, cultural nuances, and logistical challenges of destination wedding production! Who to hire? Alison-Bryan Destinations, Beth Helmstetter, and Easton Events are the all extremely experienced in destinations throughout the world (Alison & Bryan’s 2023 weddings are all island weddings throughout the world!)… and have the logistical know-how to bring your dreams to life anywhere in the globe.

2. Think Pink

The color pink has always been a wedding staple, but thanks to the popularity of the much-anticipated Barbie movie, it’s no longer just a color—it’s a mood, a statement, a philosophy. It has so much popularity, in fact, that I’m predicting 2024 weddings will be FULL ON BARBIECORE.

This is more than the gentle blush pink that we saw take over the internet in the last decade, this is an immersive experience with deeply saturated (and sometimes shocking) tonalities. I expect to see Barbie-pink florals with hot-pink bridesmaid dresses and magenta linens.

Styling tip: While not my favorite color on the color wheel, pink’s playful qualities and inherent language of romance, kindness, and femininity make it an ideal color to “lighten the mood” in any setting. Looking for a wedding planner who isn’t afraid of the bold & beautiful? Calder Clark, David Stark, Mindy Weiss, and Augusta Cole all know how to do color on a grand scale… without looking like you stepped onto the set of the Barbie movie.

3. A Culinary Extravaganza

Goodbye “Beef, Chicken, or Fish?”, hello seven-course dining experiences with wine parings. As weddings become even more customized and bespoke, I’m predicting an even higher emphasis on a fine dining experience. This is already a hallmark of luxury weddings, but I expect it will move from “unachievable trend” to mainstream expectation across the broader wedding space in the coming year.

What does an elevated dining experience look like? Working with a chef to curate a menu that tells your love story through food. Imagining a multi-course tasting menu of global cuisine to represent the places you’ve traveled as a couple. Interactive dining in the form of cooking stations, on-site mixologists to craft personalized drinks, or even sushi chefs rolling fresh bites in front of the guests.

Food for Thought: Remember that the dining experience isn’t just about taste. It’s also about presentation, aroma, sight lines, and even sound. Consider all the senses when planning the dining experience for your guests! Want to work with a planner who specializes in this? Gregory Blake Sams, Laurie Aarons, and Jesse Tombs top the list of wedding planners who design the entire experience to tantalize the tastebuds!

As you plan your wedding, remember that while trends are great for inspiration, the most memorable weddings are those that feel authentic to the couple. Blend these trends with elements that speak to your unique love story, and you’re sure to create an unforgettable day.

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