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I could tell you some other superficial things about myself— I love dark chocolate and red wine, I love DC for it’s grand architecture and rich history, I have a husband I adore, a strong marriage, a darling baby girl, a quaint old brick home, and a love for strong coffee & a good book. 

But if you really want to know me, here are a few things that matter:

I never get tired of weddings.
I tear up at almost every first kiss.
I think pretty & styled is nice, but real life is beautiful. 
I would rather cook for a friend than buy a meal out.
I care more about having a beautiful soul than a perfect body.
I cherish every lingering morning, and end every night with a kiss. 
I believe marriage is one of the greatest earthly gifts anyone can receive.
I believe in telling your story, not my own version of it.

read on for my core beliefs 

Hello, I'm Sarah Bradshaw! Classic-obsessed, coffee-loving D.C. wedding photographer. I’ photograph because I believe that all of life is beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.

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Sunrise Engagement Portraits with Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC   We met on a cold December evening at The Jefferson’s Quill Bar. Most of my client meetings follow a similar pattern— a few minutes of chit-chat, some time spent talking about wedding day plans, and answering a series of commonly-asked questions about my work, and […]

Best of Engagements 2018 There’s a kind of sweetness in documenting your love in the every-day. Your wedding day is an amazing and life-changing event, but it’s just that— an event. Your everyday life looks different than your wedding day, and it’s special to document how you fell in love as a way to celebrate your […]

Sun-drenched Autumn Engagement session at Lincoln Memorial Who knew that an innocent game of Words with Friends with an old college acquaintance would lead to the love of a lifetime?? Kyvonne was hanging out with a girlfriend who casually mentioned she’d started a game with Carl, a friend-of-a-friend from their college days at The George […]

Winter Engagement Session on Capitol Hill in DC by Sarah Bradshaw

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