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Buck & Sarah in Colorado

Today is Thanksgiving. It’s the day where we traditionally take time to slow down and express thankfulness for things in our life. I love this tradition… and it’s a habit that I try to cultivate in my everyday life. It’s the best way to combat envy in both my personal and professional life. Because let’s be honest— the words “You deserve…” aren’t really true. We don’t deserve anything. Any and every thing that we have, we have received as a gift of grace from very kind God. We don’t deserve anything, yet we have been given SO MUCH. It’s worth acknowledging that.

A heart of humble gratitude comes when we focus on what we have instead of what we lack.If comparison is the thief of joy, thankfulness is it’s redemption— it takes envy and turns it into contentment. So I make it a point to sit down at least twice a week and list out reasons for thankfulness.

Today’s list…

  • The end of my shooting season, and the “end in sight” of editing season, too.
  • Sweet time away from home and normal work this week, spent with family (and holding a brand new nephew!)
  • Buck’s patience and gentle leadership
  • So many amazing friends who filled our home and celebrated Friendsgiving with us on Saturday
  • Martha Stewart’s turkey recipe (best. recipe. ever.)
  • Ready access to clean water. (I’m always thirsty this time of year)
  • A healthy pregnancy
  • Jesus Christ who covers my sin
  • The prospect of a quiet December with lots of holiday celebrations (after last year’s workaholic December, this is a welcome change!)
  • Thanksgiving weekend in NYC! Excited to officially kick-off the Christmas season in the most festive city in the US!


Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope it’s full of time with your nearest and dearest.


Buck & Sarah in Colorado

Photos by the amazing Candice Benjamin from our Colorado trip in August. You’ll see more of these in the future!

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