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A wedding is more than the perfect dress, a polished toast, or a well-designed event. It’s about celebrating a new chapter in your story—honoring your heritage, and the people who helped you to become who you are. And building a legacy of joy, respect, and love for generations to come.

You are my priority, and I provide you with the highest quality of work and best possible experience throughout our entire relationship, from initial inquiry to final product delivery. 

I also invest time to ensure that I am the right fit for you, and you are best served by me— because when I photograph your wedding, I’m doing more than capturing happy memories from an event. The images I capture will be passed down in your family for generations, so when your grandchildren ask “Who are we and where did we come from?” you can say, “Let me show you where it all began.”  

i believe in the impact of story.

I believe that strong marriages have the potential to change the course of history, and that the story of your love should be cherished, remembered, and retold for generations.

I believe in timeless wedding photographs that will last a lifetime, for marriages that will last a lifetime. Because your story matters.

destination & domestic


My signature offering and best work. Love stories live worldwide, and I go wherever my clients' stories unfold. From New York to New Zealand, Washington DC to Washington State, your love story is the best destination. 

Once the cake is eaten and the last song's sung, once you’ve packed away your tux and gown and finished your thank you notes, the one tangible thing you have remaining are your wedding photographs. I ensure your precious memories are preserved for generations.

Every celebration is as distinctive as the couple it celebrates, so I custom-tailor my collection offerings to the individual couples, to ensure they receive the ideal experience and end product.


"Hiring Sarah was the best decision we made for our wedding day!"

Fred & sherry

a day together


A perfect opportunity to celebrate an anniversary, remember your season of engagement, or mark a relationship milestone for you as a couple. 




I've spent several years helping brands and businesses put their best face forward with timeless, editorial imagery that highlights strengths and tells the story behind the company. Let me help you showcase your best work!


About you...

You are a stylish, thoughtful couple with
excellent taste, strong values, and a discerning eye.

You expect a high level of professionalism, you value quality over labels, and you cherish the people closest to you. As a sophisticated couple with lives full of memorable experiences with people you love, you want your wedding documented well, because you treasure the people who will surround you. You have excellent taste and love modern fashion, but appreciate the generational impact of your parents and grandparents, and seek to create a similar legacy. 

Your wedding weekend will be full of thoughtful touches to set your guests at ease. Elegant and comfortable hospitality will show each friend and family member just how much they mean to you. 

You are my inspiration. Your stories, your love for each other, and the people you surround yourself with make my career the best in the world.

Let me tell your story.