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London | Six Months


Goodness gracious, how on earth has it been six months already?!? It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant, and now our little ray of sunshine has been with us for more than half a year already!! Time flies, people. All the more reason to value photography— it’s one (small, but significant) way to hold on to moments as they pass by.

London update:

  • London is sitting, rolling, crawling (just a step here and there, but nonetheless), and pulled up to standing in her crib last week. SLOW. DOWN. She has laser-focused determination, and unshakeable joy. When she’s not smiling, she’s staring hard at something tiny, trying to figure it out. Not a fussy baby at all, but she’s also not at ALL shy about letting us know when she’s unhappy with something (or that it’s time for bed).
  • She started babbling about a week or so ago. “Mamammammamama” and “Ooohhh oh oh oh oh” are her favorite noises. She has such intelligent eyes, I swear she’s about to speak in full sentences, though.
  • She started waving!
  • She gives generous kisses. Every time I get her up from her nap, she grabs my face and pulls me in close for a kiss. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.
  • She has two little teeth now!
  • She’s started on solids! We tried rice cereal to start, and she was NOT a fan. But we’ve discovered that she likes texture. No rice cereal, but rice please. Don’t blend the sweet potatoes, and her favorite food it split pea soup. I’m fan of introducing as many flavors and textures as possible, as soon as possible, so she basically eats a version of what we eat for each meal.
  • Aaaaaaaaand she’s now sleeping through the night, 7:30pm – 7:30am! I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN!! I’m so excited, I can finally join a gym!! haha

london-jane-6-months_0001london-jane-6-months_0003She’s trying to find me behind the camera! Love it!!london-jane-6-months_0004london-jane-6-months_0005This is her favorite pose— she wins at loves her blankie SO MUCH. She’s outgrown paci and thumb, and now just sucks her blanket. Which means that blanket smells like morning breath. So

Motherhood update:

As I mentioned yesterday, September was hard. Really, really hard. We’ve turned a corner, in business, marriage, and parenthood, but I feel like we need to play catch up to get back to a really good place. I’m still enjoying this far more than I expected, but it’s hard to keep priorities in the right order. London is currently taking two 2-3 hour naps per day, and I’m using those to my advantage to get work done, but not all my work fits in that time allotment. Both Buck and I have fallen into bad habits when it comes to our evenings (working every night, and staying up too late), and we’ve just realized how bad that is for us, mentally, emotionally, and maritally. We’re working on better boundaries.

Do you know what’s hard? Growing up with the assumption that being a “good wife” means budgeting, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, & laundry. And then being grown up, and owning a business that keeps me from being able to do most of those. I still cook and grocery shop, but honestly, that’s it. And sometimes that’s too much for me to handle.

But we’re figuring it out. It’s a daily fight for me to release unreasonable expectations for myself, and trust the Lord for what He has called US to do as a family. Right now that means using London’s wake hours to care for her and our home, and maximizing her sleep hours to get as much done as humanly possible, and trusting God with what is left undone.

Any tips on this from other working moms??


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