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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

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Today is Thanksgiving. It’s a day set aside by many Americans to slow down and express gratitude for things in our life. I love this tradition… and it’s a habit that I try to cultivate as a habit in my everyday life. It’s the best way to combat envy in both my personal and professional life. Because let’s be honest— the words “You deserve…” aren’t really true. We don’t deserve anything. Any and every thing that we have, we have received as a gift of grace from very kind God. We don’t deserve anything, yet we have been given SO MUCH. It’s worth acknowledging that.

A heart of humble gratitude comes when we focus on what we have instead of what we lack.If comparison is the thief of joy, thankfulness is it’s redemption— it takes envy and turns it into contentment. I try to regularly sit down and list out reasons for thankfulness.

Today’s list…

  • For the dozens of clients who have trusted me to tell their stories this year. I’m overwhelmed and humbled.
  • For a husband who is 100% a teammate in work and parenting. I absolutely could not do my job without his support— he is my backbone, my sanity, and my balance.
  • For the light at the end of the tunnel on three very, very busy months. My shooting season is almost over, Buck is done with work travel for the year, and maternity leave is right around the corner.
  • For London’s sweet spirit and unending joy. People talk about “the terrible twos,” but I’ve loved every bit of this stage.
  • For a great mattress, and an even better pillow (because pregnancy insomnia is REAL, and I don’t need anything else to keep me up at night).
  • For health and wellness, both mental & physical, in the past calendar year.
  • For the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ extended to me on a daily basis. And for an ever-increasing awareness of my need for that grace.


Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope it’s full of sweet, restful time with your nearest and dearest.

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