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I could tell you some other superficial things about myself— I love dark chocolate and red wine, I love DC for it’s grand architecture and rich history, I have a husband I adore, a strong marriage, a darling baby girl, a quaint old brick home, and a love for strong coffee & a good book. 

But if you really want to know me, here are a few things that matter:

I never get tired of weddings.
I tear up at almost every first kiss.
I think pretty & styled is nice, but real life is beautiful. 
I would rather cook for a friend than buy a meal out.
I care more about having a beautiful soul than a perfect body.
I cherish every lingering morning, and end every night with a kiss. 
I believe marriage is one of the greatest earthly gifts anyone can receive.
I believe in telling your story, not my own version of it.

read on for my core beliefs 

Hello, I'm Sarah Bradshaw! Classic-obsessed, coffee-loving D.C. wedding photographer. I’ photograph because I believe that all of life is beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.

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Rebranding does remarkable things to one’s outlook on life. It requires intense introspection, critical self-evaluation, and rethinking basically everything remotely connected to my business— from where and how I advertise, to my online social media presence, down to smaller things like post-it notes and tissue paper. Throughout this process, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at other peoples’ […]

It snowed last night. Eight inches of wet, heavy beauty floating from the sky, turning our city street into a new place to enjoy and explore. In place of the ground, white cake-like mounds. In place of our steps, a shapeless pile of powdered-sugarish whiteness. Drifts and slopes and slush outside, and cozy warmth inside. […]

Yesterday I had some photography work published on The EveryGirl, a popular lifestyle blog with an immense readership. Publication here was a huge honor for me, as was the chance to work with Katie, the woman they featured. Her humility and perseverance under hardship are a shining example, and a great encouragement to me. I’ll share some of those photos […]

A quick update on the planning process: Planning is harder than it looks. But it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. It’s also a lot more enjoyable than I anticipated. I’m making some amazing progress I’ve never before felt such excitement and confidence when planning ahead for my business. There are such exciting things […]

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