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Six Months with Edmond

I never officially announced his birth on the blog (just on Instagram), but in case you missed it, we welcomed sweet Edmond Pierce into our family in January, and are still as smitten as we were on day one.

(Also, in case he ever reads this, I feel I need apologize to him for not taking monthly photos and blogging updates like I did for his sister. I guess it’s a second child problem?)

Edmond update:

  • We call him our little marshmallow, because he’s so sweet and squishy. London also calls him “little pineapple,” which is a little weird but also adorable. He his SUCH a happy, contented baby… unless he’s hungry or tired, and then he gets MAD. It’s hilarious.
  • He loves to be kissed, loves to snuggle, sucks his thumb and snuggles with his blankie to sleep, likes to sing along to music, adores his sister, and is a champion sleeper. He is ENTIRELY a Mama’s boy, and every time he reaches for me I feel stars exploding inside my heart.
  • At six months, Edmond is 22.5 lbs, and is perhaps the chunkiest baby I’ve ever met. His rolls are absolutely delicious, and it’s all I can do to not kiss them every minute of every day.
  • This is probably obvious given the above point, but he also eats more than any other baby I’ve ever met. We transitioned from breastfeeding to formula gradually between months 2 and 3, and by 4.5 months he was begging for 12+ oz bottles of formula every 4 hours, so our pediatrician had us start him on solids early. Now at 6 months he drinks four 8-oz bottles of formula a day, and then eats about 8oz of puree at each meal (at least two pouches or containers, and sometimes more after that). SO. MUCH. FOOD.
  • He’s rolling all over the place, and started sitting up a couple of weeks ago. He tries to scoot all around, but his weight is a lot to manage. Pretty sure he’ll be crawling by 7 months, though! And he has one little tooth!
  • He’s a spitter. A happy spitter, but a spitter nonetheless. Baby spit-up has become my perfume, and honestly? I can’t wait for him to stop. London never really spit up, so this took us by surprise. I do three times as much laundry as I used to.
  • He slept through the night at 7 weeks, and has been a champion sleeper ever since. I’m unspeakably grateful.

Motherhood update:

Today I feel like we’re thriving as a family, and that is sooooooooo wonderful to be able to say. It took me almost two years to feel normal again after having London, and the fact that I feel almost like myself again already is not something I take for granted.

The transition from one to two was hard. Postpartum recovery was crazy— I pinched a nerve in my back during delivery, and it resulted in partial paralysis and total numbness in my left leg. It went away with physical therapy, and I can run and squat and lift weights again, but it was a scary first few weeks (my neurologist initially thought I ruptured two disks in my back, so that was really scary). I couldn’t walk and hold Edmond at the same time (I had to use a cane), so was fully dependent on Buck to keep our family going. So thankful for him!!!!

And once my back and leg were back to normal, my hormones went off the wire. Postpartum depression hit me like a freight train, got very bad and very scary, and I had to ask for help. I started on medication, started counseling, and leaned heavily on my husband and friends for help. I’m so thankful for a support system, because if I was on my own, I don’t think I would have made it.

I started a postpartum recovery exercise program as soon as I was cleared by my doctor, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. We’ve fallen into such a sweet rhythm as a family, and even though I’m often more tired than I’d prefer (what parent isn’t tired??), I truly feel like we’re thriving as a family.

Motherhood is never easy. Marriage is never easy. But I honestly believe that nothing worth doing is easy to do. It’s all hard work, but it’s the most rewarding work. And motherhood is just FUN. So, so, so fun. I laugh my face off multiple times a day because my kids are hilarious, because they delight my soul, because I find it so deeply satisfying to be their mama. Of course there are moments (/days/weeks) that I want to pull my hair out, times I just want to book a hotel room for myself and sleep for a week, uninterrupted, but at the end of the day (and at the end of every workday), I miss them when I’m not with them, and can’t wait to squeeze and kiss them and just hang out together.

We absolutely do NOT have everything figured out as parents, but here are a few little things that we do that helps us out:

  • Buck and I prioritize our marriage. That may seem like an odd way to start off a list of “here’s how we do parenting well,” but we’ve found that if we keep our priorities in line, everything else falls into place.
  • We’re big believers in boundaries and training— for ourselves, and for our kids.
  • “I don’t get points for this.” We 100% take the easy out on things that don’t matter. London has microwaved chicken nuggets and fruit for dinner at least 3 nights a week and PBJ for lunch most days, and I don’t make Edmond’s baby food from scratch. He’s on formula instead of breastmilk. We use a meal delivery service. In other words, we would rather spend our evenings enjoying each other than cooking from scratch every night.
  • We do fitness together as a family. I will never, ever, ever regret buying a Double BOB jogging stroller. Putting the kids in the stroller and running hills to meet Buck on his way home from work is my favorite way to destress from the day, and the kids benefit from the fresh air. On my weight training days, I get them up from naps and put a movie on for them while I lift next to them, and it works perfectly for all of us.
  • Consistency is king. They get up in the morning and go to bed the same time every day. Good for them, good for us.
  • I work from 6:30am to 1:30pm, Tuesday-Friday, and that early morning schedule does wonderful things for my ability to turn my attention to my kids in the afternoons.

I’m always up for tips from other working mamas, so if you have things to share, please share them!

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  1. Tori Watson says:

    Lovvve this and all of his amazing rolls. Also love that you are thriving as a family, now. I know the beginning was rough, and I’m so happy you’re on the other side! Love you & your sweet family! <3

  2. John Armato says:

    These moments are so great! This time goes by so fast. Love these portraits.

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