march monthly goals by Sarah Bradshaw

March Monthly Goals

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march monthly goals by Sarah Bradshaw

Welcome, Spring!! We’re experiencing some crazy weather here in DC— the last week we’ve enjoyed 60 and 70 degree weather in February, and the cherry blossoms are about to burst a month early! I know most of my warm-weather-loving friends are happy, but all I can think about is how nasty the mosquitos are bound to be in just a month or so…

Anyway, we’ve begun a new month! February was as wonderful and challenging as I anticipated, but I will say that (once again, broken record here), I underestimated just how little I would accomplish while Buck traveled. I’m also quickly learning that introvert over here needs at least one day a week where I work in a corner by myself and just my own thoughts, instead of with another person. I’m factoring that into my monthly calendar from here on out.

As with just about every month in the past, February wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped. But that’s okay— I would rather create a crazy to-do list for myself and leave half of it unchecked than create a list that under-anticipates my potential. Anyone else??

march monthly goals by Sarah Bradshaw

March Goals, business:

List unused photography equipment for sale (seriously, this must happen this month!!)
Continue the #SBPbookclub!! (we’re wrapping up Live Forward by Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy right now, and loving it)
Publish 14 blog posts this month
Send out first newsletter (for real this time)
Launch workshop website & announce dates (email subscribers get first info!!)
Customize email signature
Keep working from new office space (!!!!!!!!)
Continue transition to Streak and decide whether or not I’ll switch studio management systems
Begin bridal guide
Website & blog refresh intensive
Update portfolio
Submit to Washingtonian Bride & Groom magazine
Work on the SBP Handbook

March Goals, personal:

Continue working out 3x/week, work toward 5x/week
Drink 90+ oz of water per day
Read fiction every night before bed
Journal 2x per week
Be in bed by 10pm every night
Continue implementing evening routine
FINISH the Living Room Gallery Wall
Plan to start Capsule Wardrobe in April
Plan a girl’s night in!

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  1. Brooke says:

    I have some of the same and or similar goals for this month, I will tell you that the getting to bed by 10pm has been on the list since the new year, a huge fail. Hope you have better luck!

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